About 1BRO

1bro_featuredCompany Profile:
1BRO Global Incorporated is basically engaged in Traditional Network Marketing Industry in the Philippines and recognized as Corporation and duly registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (S.E.C reg. no. CS201115643) with more than 2, 000 members nationwide, 1BRO Global started as a Distributor of Loading Business of Smart, Globe and Sun in partnership of Load Central “One-stop Shop Loading Company”. In order to meet the needs of customers/clients, 1BRO Global offers more products and services to its customers. Recently, 1BRO Global launched its unique business concept; 1BRO Express “a Division of 1BRO Global” which handles Online Ticketing (Local and Int’l Flight), Bills Payment, Money Remittance, Loading Business and 1BRO Privilege Card (Featured Product of 1BRO Global) to its broad-based group of customers. The Company’s goal in general is to help and give opportunities to every Filipinos not only locally but also in abroad, focusing in many aspects as to financial stability and overall security of every individual. As 1BRO Global expanded the horizon for business, the Company sees that it will not cease by failures and burdens, but it will always be in continuous search for new Products, Services and Technology with the QUALITY of service provides in every Filipinos both local and abroad.

Our DIRECTION starts with our Mission, the company serves as the root of success of every individual; delivers good Attitude, Knowledge and Skills. B-usiness; we need to learn from each other and build connections, so that we can increase the quality and productivity of our businesses and businesses making an impact to the market. R-eliable; commitment is 1BRO’s preferred word because in some way, people who are committed are always much interesting and much more reliable. O-pportunity; we believe that every single event in our lives happens in an opportunity to choose, we are not only focusing in one single opportunity but in many aspects to achieve revenue growth of the company, clients and staffs.

Our Vision serves as the framework for our DIRECTION to meet both business and pleasure, and, to accomplish it in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. To be globally known Filipino Corporation Leader in terms of quality of service that we provide and exploring innovative ways in bringing more products and services worldwide.